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DIVORCE | BUSINESS LITIGATION | PERSONAL INJURY AUTO ACCIDENTS | CRIMINAL DEFENSE | INSURANCE LAW | GENERAL LITIGATION AND APPEALS 1441 Guthrie Drive, NW, Ste. 101 Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 790-0910 | (423) 424-6208 (Call (423) 424-6208 after 5:00 pm on weekdays and from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekends. DUE TO THE SPREAD OF THE CORONAVIRUS, WE ARE OFFERING VIDEO CONFERENCING AND TELECONFERENCING DRIVING DIRECTIONS Directly behind Burger King on 25th Street in the newly renovated Heritage Pointe office building

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During the course of representing insurance companies and corporations for over 15 years as an INSIDE CONNECTION, Kent Jones has acquired considerable experience developing relationships with employees, management and human resources personnel at small businesses and major corporations. Advice was consistently given in the areas of workers’ compensation, general liability, EEOC, ADA, FMLA, risk analysis and governmental compliance. From 2013 to present, that legacy continues with respect to individuals who have been hurt, contemplate divorce, have been arrested or simply need the one-on-one service that only a boutique firm, such as Jones & Associates, PC can provide.

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When Kent began his first position as a true associate for a regional insurance defense firm in 1999, he became involved in traditional litigation within a month after his first day on the job. As of present, he has worked on discovery, taken expert and witness depositions and tried hundreds of cases from start to finish with an excellent track record in the local court systems. Additionally, he has argued a number of appeals in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Tennessee Supreme Court, the Tennessee Workers' Compensation Panel and the Court of Appeals of Tennessee. We have a solid, proven method.

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As previously discussed, the first 15 years of Kent's experience involved insurance defense. He understands how insurance companies and third party administrators think when it comes to arguments of their policies in trial court. On the flip side of the coin, Kent has handled cases involving insurance bad faith and insurance coverage for over 7 years. In 2014, Jones & Associates was accepted as one of the nation's top insurance law firms by AM Best.

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We started doing criminal defense law in approximately 2015. Our first case involved representing the bonding companies on an alleged triple murder case, where the new District Attorneys' office changed the sentencing charge from life in prison without parol to the death penalty. Since that time, we have handled numerous cases in the areas of traffic citations, simple possession, misdemeanor and felony theft, assault and domestic abuse, stalking, dui, violent crimes, violation of probation, removal of outstanding warrants and other areas.

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Our firm has a strong commitment to family law. We handle a number of divorce cases, ranging from Irreconcilable Divorces ("ID" or "No contest" Divorces) to Contested and Complex Divorces.

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Through the course of our practice over the years, we have done considerable work in the area of real estate law. It started around 2000 when customers would need wills, trusts, powers of attorneys and assorted documents as a side item to why they were initially consulting with an attorney. In or around 2003, Kent represented the creditors in a $6 Million Chapter 11 bankruptcy and drafted many assorted deeds regarding the transfer of commercial property back to the creditors. Kent assisted a client in the sale of her multi-million dollar house, and he has accomplished miles of research to answer "Quiet Title" actions and ascertain heirs before formal, final documents were drafted. Ultimately, he designed the legal framework for incorporating individuals and handling the entire process surrounding the purchase of residential property for lease and investment.


During the 15 years when Kent's career was solely dedicated to insurance and/or corporate defense, there were occasions when he would handle a solid personal injury case, provided that there were no conflict with his then known clients. During and after 2012 to present, via Jones & Associates, he began representing more and more plaintiffs who had been hurt or injured in some way. It may be an automobile accident. It may be insurance coverage denials. It may be a fall in a store, yet the area of law has become a constant. In 2015, he wrote a book entitled, "Where Do I Begin? I just suffered a Personal Injury in the State of Tennessee?" It is simply a short and basic compilation of what you need to start out if you are in this particular position. We have re-created it as an e-book with updates online. So, if you would like a free copy, email us through this website and we will send you the e-book and updates via your email address.


Kent did workers' compensation defense for fifteen (15) years with a regional insurance defense firm prior to forming Jones & Associates, PC, Attorneys at Law. Presently, we have an assortment of employee's cases in Hamilton County and Knox County and are very familiar with navigating through the paperwork and loopholes of the administrative system.



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About Us

About Us
Cleveland and Chattanooga, Tennessee Based Attorneys
Jones & Associates, PC was formed by Kent Jones in April of 2012. Our core areas of focus are personal injury (accident), business litigation, insurance law, family / divorce law, criminal defense and real estate law..  Through knowledge of a set of areas, we are focused on giving you the best representation possible.  We are located at 1441 Guthrie Street, Suite 101, Cleveland, TN 37312, just off of 25th Street, next to the Burger King, before you get to the I-75 ramp. Kent is licensed to practice in all state courts in Tennessee.  Additionally, he has been admitted to the United States District Court for the Eastern District  of Tennessee and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals since the early 2000s.  

Presently, we have cases in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court of Appeals of Tennessee - Eastern Division, the Hamilton County Circuit Court, the Hamilton County General Sessions Court, the Bradley County Circuit Court, the Bradley County Juvenile Court and the Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

We are excited to say that we have partnered,  with the National Business Institute (NBI) to do seminars in 2020. We started with  NBI in 2018 doing a seminar on workers' compensation law in Chattanooga, Tennessee on July 26, 2018. We had a great time with it.  NBI is a fantastic group to work with.  On Friday, July 26, 2019, we delivered three lectures in Chattanooga during a seminar on Advanced Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist coverage.  We  completed a lecture on child custody in Knoxville in December of 2019.  



Kent Jones

Owner and Managing Shareholder

Kent Jones possesses a formal legal background at a private, top-twenty law school with an emphasis on international law and oral and written advocacy. In his background, he has advised hundreds of corporations on compliance with governmental regulations for years. Previously, as a senior partner with a regional law firm headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee (13 years) and as owner of the boutique law firm, Jones & Associates, PC, in Cleveland, Tennessee (7 years), he has consistently been required to successfully coordinate work activities of associate attorneys, paralegals and other staff members. The tracking of performance and adhering to deadlines is a daily requirement for him. (See "Read More" for the continuation.)

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Sarah Palen


Bachelor of Science in Science of Criminal Justice University of Tennessee - Chattanooga, TN May 2015. Associate of Science in Criminal Justice Cleveland State Community College - Cleveland, TN August 2008 to May 2011. Certificate in Paralegal Studies Blackstone University October 2009 to December 2010. Email: sarah.palenkjl@gmail.com NOTARY SERVICES - $5.00 per Page

Questions and Answers

Is litigation a quick fix?
Usually not. Small Claims (General Sessions) court is faster; however, the length of litigation is rarely predictable. However, in over 60% to 70% of our cases, it is the BEST course necessary, and we have tried hundreds of cases and argued many appeals, both federal and state. We strive to continually evaluate whether litigation is the best course necessary, versus settlement.

When should I contact an attorney?
Immediately, when you realize that you have a legal issue. There are statutes of limitations and, at times, administrative hurdles that may block your claim. Moreover, your attorney needs time to prepare. The best thing you can do, versus waiting, is to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

What should I bring to my first visit with an attorney?
All of the paperwork that you have. All medical documents, if relevant. Pictures and Videos. Anything else that helps to paint a clearer picture of the situation. We keep your original file intact, as it is your possession, and a scanned file for our reference.

Why do I need an attorney?
It really depends on the case. If you are a professional contract drafter and analyst for a major corporation, you may just need some brief oversight to ensure you are complying with the rules of the jurisdiction. In Personal Injury cases, you need a buffer between you and the insurance company while you are recuperating, versus dealing with them on your own. In complicated cases, you need someone who understands the rules and what the court needs to see. In criminal law, the old saying goes, "A person who represents himself/herself has a fool for a client." You will never come out ahead alone in that area.

Questions and Answers


Availability, Consultations, Pricing

Availability, Consultations, Pricing
One-on-One Consultations

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The firm is currently accepting new clients.


We offer free one-on-one consultations if you have a serious legal issue that you need to address.  If you just have general questions about some issue not yet in existence, then our consultation fee is $75.00 per hour.


Personal Injury cases are done on a percentage basis of recovery. We don't win unless you wiin.  Criminal fees are due up front.  The remainder of cases are done on a billable hour basis with a retainer.