Workers' Compensation in Tennessee - Part 1

25 Nov

If an employer cannot find an insurance company to write a workers' compensation policy, it should access NCCI at NCCI's Customer Service Center at 800-622-4123. Employers in the coal mining Certain employers in the State of Tennessee are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, and others are not.  All employers in the construction business or trades (construction service providers) that have one or more employees are required to carry WC insurance unless they are specifically exempted. Effective March 1, 2011, owners of construction businesses are also required to carry workers’ compensation coverage on themselves or be listed on the Exemption Registry.  You can find applications for exemption on the State government insurance website. All other employers in the state of Tennessee that have five (5) or more employees must obtain workers’ compensation coverage for their employees either by purchasing a policy from an insurance carrier or by qualifying as a self-insured employer with the Department of Commerce and Insurance. There is a competitive market for workers’ compensation insurance in Tennessee, and, as of this time, there are approximately 350 companies that sell it.  industry must secure coverage if they have one employee. Family members, part-time employees, and corporate officers are included when determining the number of employees if they meet the definition of employee. Kent Jones has personally handled a “lapse of coverage” case instigated against an employer by the State of Tennessee.  It took a long time and was very expensive.  If you cannot prove what you have paid for workers’ compensation insurance, then the State applies some arbitrary formula, which is usually a lot more, and that figures into your penalty. Should you have questions or need to consult with an attorney about workers’ compensation, click on WWW.KJONESLAWYERS.COM  or call Phone:  (423) 424-6208.

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