Violation of Probation in Tennessee

15 Mar

Probation is sentencing.  It is usually used in lieu of or in conjunction with a jail sentence.  Probation has rules.  When you receive your probation instructions, either verbally, in writing, or both, then you need to pay very careful attention.  Violations of Probation (VOP) are treated very seriously.  In most cases, you must either personally meet with a probation officer or call in.  In many cases, you are tested for drugs and alcohol.  However, if you comply, it does keep you out of jail.  Your probation officer has the right to penalize you.  If you fail to show up for a meeting, that is a violation.  If you test positive for drugs or alcohol, that is a violation.  Other violations include, but are not limited to possession of firearms, leaving a restricted area, being late for a meeting, or not serving community service.  Your probation officer can warn you.  He or she can also recommend additional jail time, and, quite often, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.  Then, you have a new charge and serve additional time.  You may not realize it at first, or you may, but VOP can be as severe as your original sentence for the crime that you committed.  Or, in some cases, you may have to start the entire probation process over again. SHOULD YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, CLICK ON WWW.KJONESLAWYERS.COM  or call (423) 424-6208.

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