New Laws in Tennessee (2020)

23 Jun

Effective January 1, 2020, eighteen (18) new laws took effect in the State of Tennessee.  This blog will address some of the more important legislative changes.

  • Proton therapy is a cancer treatment that could be more accurate and efficient with less risk than other forms of treatment.  Presently, it is being used for cancers of the brain, lung, breast and neck.  New legislation allows state employees to be covered by state insurance for proton therapy.
  • Tennessee gun laws:  In addition to other rules and regulations for gun owners, they may now get a concealed only gun permit.  This particular piece of legislation allows permit holders to carry a gun if it is concealed.  In order to obtain the previous open-carry or concealed-carry permit, the gun owner must pay $100, take an eight (8) hour class and pass some other background check requirements. With the concealed only permit, the gun owner must pay $65 and do a 90-minute training course with no hands-on portion.
  • Health Insurance Law:  The "Right to Shop" law makes health insurance companies show the prices of services before treatment.  This enables patients to know what they are paying out-of-pocket up front.  Health insurance companies are required to list prices for services, such as physical therapy, x-rays and MRI's.
  • Opiods:  Opiod prescriptions must now be issed as electronic prescriptions from a doctor.  Pharmacists have until January 1, 2021 to update software to comply with this law.
  • There is a new criminal law to protect the elderly in Tennessee.  People can now be prosecuted with felony murder if an elderly person dies as the result of aggravated neglect of an elderly person.
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