How Long Does It Take to Conclude a Divorce Action in the State of Tennessee?

23 May

The simple answer to the question is that it depends on the complexity of the divorce.  If it is a simple Irreconcilable Differences (ID) divorce, with no children and no marital property to divide, then it can usually be done within 60 to 90 days.  The waiting period after the complaint is filed is 60 days.  If all of the paperwork is filed during that period, then setting up the final hearing just depends on the court's schedule.  As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has taken a bit longer to get a court date; however, the courts are working diligently on getting things back to normal.

If there is a dispute as to property division (with no children), then the waiting period is still 60 days.  However, we have to resolve the dispute, and that can take several court appearances.  Usually, I take these cases to mediation.  If you can agree at mediation, then the mediator does a report.  The attorneys take the report and produce an Order.  Once the order is filed, we can proceed towards getting the remaining paperwork filed and obtaining a final hearing.

If there is a dispute as to the children, then the waiting period is 90 days.  All matters must be resolved, and, in addition to the Marital Dissolution Agreement (MDA), which divides the property, there has to be a final Permanent Parenting Plan (PPP).  With issues as to custody, these cases can take a year or longer.  If property division is also an issue, then this increases the time until an agreement is reached.

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