28 Jun

DUI'S  in Tennessee are treated very seriously.   If your blood test is 0.8 or higher, then you have generally commited DUI.  There are some defenses.  For example, if the officer did not have probable cause to pull you over, that may be a defense.

For a first time DUI, you will be taken to jail.  Usually, the magistrate will set a bond, and you can get out on bail.  Unless you win at trial, if you are convicted or plead guilty, it stays on your record.  Again for a first time DUI, the penalty is 48 hours of jail time, attending a DUI school that is 12 hours long, paying fines and costs to the court, paying your attorney and paying to get your car out of the tow yard.  Your expenses could easily exceed $10,000.

For a second time DUI, there is a mandatory 45 days in jail.

If you don't consent to giving blood, you have violated the Tennessee Implied Consent law, and your license can be taken away for a year.  

In either case you may be eligible for a restricted driver's license It is restricted, because you have to have an ignition interlock device installed on your automobile.  Generally, you have to pay over $100 a month to have it calibrated.

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