Criminal Law in Tennessee - Violation of Probation

01 Jan

A Violation of Probation occurs when you break the terms of your probation agreement.  Probation can be one or two years or even far longer.  You are considered to have violated probation if you:  (1) fail to appear during a scheduled court hearing; (2) fail to report to your probation officer at a scheduled time; (3) possess, use or sell drugs; (4) fail to pay restitution, if ordered; (5) visit certain places and people while traveling out of state without your probation officer's permission; (6) commit other criminal crimes; or (7) get arrested for another crime.  

Consequences of Violation of Probation (VOP) will vary according to the violation.

In a probation hearing, a prosecutor must prove a likelihood of VOP over 50%.

Be aware that VOP can get you the same amount of jail time as your original crime.

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