07 Feb

When should employers reopen and how can they do so safely? − What are legal obligations to provide a safe and healthy workplace? − How do employers implement CDC, EEOC, and state and local public health protocols and guidelines, especially if there is inconsistency between the various governmental authorities? − Can a company force employees to stay home if they show symptoms or have traveled to affected areas? What are the rules about paying them? − Can a company refuse to allow vulnerable employees to return to work if they want to be at the workplace? − What are the rules for testing before employees enter and the social distancing rules once they do enter the workplace? • How should employers handle employees who are working remotely? − How should employers handle employees who refuse to return or are afraid to return to work? What are the rules for sick pay, leave of absence, reasonable accommodations and business expenses? − What should a company do if an employee claims he or she was exposed to Covid-19 at work? − What is a company's obligation if an employee complains that a fellow employee is not social distancing? − How do companies comply with wage and hour laws when employees are working remotely? − How can companies avoid "slippery slope" arguments when the health crisis abates (e.g., making sure temporary work from home doesn't become permanent)?

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